Rating-Based Award

A Rating-Based Award is a monetary and/or Time Off Award (TOA) given in recognition of high-level performance for a specific rating period. The following are three types of rating-based awards that can be approved based on the employee’s performance rating: TOA, one-time lump sum cash payment, and Quality Step Increase (QSI).

Army civilian employees paid from appropriated funds (except Senior Executive Service (SES) employees) and direct hire foreign nationals are eligible for consideration for rating-based awards. Employees will be nominated and approved for these awards using a copy of the completed appraisal form. The written justification supporting the annual rating serves as the basis for the rating-based award.

In accordance with AR 690-400, Chapter 4302, paragraph 2-4, employees receiving a rating of record of Successful Level 3 or higher under the Total Army Performance Evaluation System (TAPES) are eligible for consideration for a rating-based award. However, employees with a Successful Level 3 (Fully Successful) rating of record must have at least one critical element exceeded to be eligible for consideration for a rating-based award (See AR 672-20, paragraph 5-2b). The nomination for a rating-based award should be submitted within 30 days of approval of the rating of record.

Monetary rating-based awards will be computed as a percentage of the employee's basic pay (including locality pay) with a maximum award of 10 percent. Employees who receive ratings of Excellence for at least 75% of the objectives (i.e., “top block”) and have unusually exceptional accomplishments for the most recent rating period may receive awards up to 20 percent if approved by the appropriate commander as outlined in AR 672-20, paragraph 5-4. See 5 CFR 451.104(g) for “basic pay” determination for rating-based awards.

A time off rating-based award will be computed using the TOA criteria in Table 7-3 of AR 672-20. While a single contribution may warrant up to 40 hours of time off, rating-based TOAs (which may be based on multiple contributions) are still subject to, and count against, limitations for TOAs (80 hours per leave year).

Generally within the same organizational element, employees with higher ratings should receive larger dollar awards than employees at the same grade level who have lesser ratings.

For additional guidance regarding rating-based awards, please contact your CPAC for assistance.

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