Initial Decision to Withhold Within-Grade-Increase

NOTE 1: First-level supervisors/rating officials are authorized to sign and issue notices, receive and consider employees' answers, and make recommendations to a higher level management official on final decisions to withhold within-grade-increases.
This sample letter is the initial decision to withhold an employee's within-grade-increase (WGI). Reconsideration official is normally the next level management official in your chain-of-command.

NOTE 2: Ensure the employee initials and dates receipt of this notice and the original copy is provided to the employee, a copy is kept by the supervisor, and a copy is provided to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC).

FROM: **Supervisor** **Office Symbol**

SUBJECT: Initial Decision to Withhold Within-Grade Increase

TO: **Employee** **Office Symbol**

1. This is to notify you that I am withholding your WGI which is (was) due on **------**, because your performance is below the acceptable level. During your last periodic performance progress review, held on **--------**, you were advised that the performance of your duties and responsibilities was **-------** and that you would have to improve your performance by the end of the required waiting period on **------** in order for you to advance to the next higher step of your grade. Listed below are the performance element(s) and performance standard(s) for acceptable performance in which you were deficient and were advised that you would have to meet to be granted your WGI. **List each deficiency by element, standard, and reason(s) his/her performance does not meet the standard**.

2. On **------**, I assigned you a performance rating. A copy of your appraisal is attached. Your performance was still deficient as indicated above. Because your performance is not "Fully Successful", your WGI will be withheld.

3. To be granted your WGI, your performance, for each element listed in paragraph 1, must meet the established standard(s). Additionally, your performance must continue to meet the standards established for all other elements contained in your performance plan. I will continue to counsel you in improving your performance.

4. You may represent yourself or you may be represented by a person of your choosing. If you select a representative other than a Union official/steward, you must designate such representative in writing.

5. You, or your personal representative, may request an administrative reconsideration of this decision. Your request must be in writing and must reach **name, office location, and telephone number of reconsideration official** no later than 15 calendar days from the date you receive this notice. Your request must state the specific reasons you believe the decision to withhold your WGI should be reconsidered. As an alternative, if you or your personal representative wish to present the reasons for requesting reconsideration by an oral presentation to **name of reconsideration official**, your written request must so state and ask for an appointment to make this presentation. Consideration will be given to extending the time limit provided you can show sufficient reason for needing an extension.

6. You and/or your representative, if otherwise in a duty status, are authorized up to **contact CPAC for guidance** hours of official time to prepare your request for reconsideration. Your request for use of official time must be submitted to me. If you have a representative, and he/she is a Federal employee, a request for official time must be sent to his/her supervisor.

7. You may review the material relied on to support this decision. I will make the material available to you upon your request.

8. If you wish to read regulations pertinent to this decision or obtain further information about your reconsideration rights, you may contact **CPAC POC**, Building **------**, Room **------**, telephone number **---------**.

**Supervisor's Signature**
**Signature Block**
Employee's Initials and Date of Receipt ___________

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