Postponing Within-Grade-Increase

The within-grade-increase (WGI) must be postponed when either of the two following conditions exist:

  • The employee's performance is less than satisfactory and he/she has not been given a performance plan or otherwise told of the specific requirements for fully successful performance at least 30 calendar days before the end of the waiting period. In this situation, the supervisor would promptly contact the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for guidance.
  • The employee has been reassigned or demoted because of unacceptable performance and is or will be eligible within 60 days for a WGI. The CPAC would notify the supervisor of the requirement to postpone.
If either of the above two conditions exist, the supervisor would notify the employee in writing of the postponement, the reason for it, and that he/she has no more than 90-calendar days to demonstrate fully successful performance. The employee must be given a new or revised performance plan that establishes the performance objectives/responsibilities that must be met during the 90-day period.

If the employee's performance remains unacceptable, action must be taken to withhold the WGI.

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