Notice of Proposed Removal-Performance

NOTE 1: Normally the first level supervisor will sign and issue the proposal and the second level supervisor will be responsible for receiving and considering the employee's answer and make a final decision on the matter by issuing a notice of decision.

This sample letter is a proposed removal by a FIRST LEVEL SUPERVISOR. Minor editorial changes may be required if other than the immediate supervisor is proposing this action.

NOTE 2: The CPAC is the primary local source of authoritative information and interpretation of policy and procedures concerning civilian discipline and adverse actions and shares in management's responsibility to ensure that actions have merit and comply with governing requirements. Accordingly, written notices of proposed disciplinary and adverse actions must be coordinated with the CPAC before delivery to employees.

NOTE 3: Ensure the employee initials and dates receipt of this notice and that the original copy is provided to the employee, a copy is retained by the supervisor, and a copy is provided to the CPAC for maintenance in the case folder.

FROM: **Supervisor**
**Office Symbol**

SUBJECT: Notice of Proposed Removal

TO: **Employee**
**Office Symbol**

1. This is official notification that I propose to remove you from your position of **--------------------** for failure to meet:

**(1) identify the specific objectives/responsibilities that employee failed to meet - must be verbatim from the 7222-1/7223-1 and the Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) and (2) specific instances of unacceptable performance on which this action is based.**

2. You may reply to this notice of proposed removal to me in writing, orally, or both.

a. You are allowed 30 calendar days from the date you receive this letter to submit your reply.

b. If you have a medical condition which contributes to the identified performance problem(s) specified in paragraph 1, you may submit such information to me. Any medical information you would like to submit must be

provided at your own expense.

c. You may represent yourself or you may be represented by a person of your choosing. If you select a representative other than a Union official/steward, you must designate such representative in writing.

d. You may review the material relied on to support this proposed action. I will make the material available to you upon your request.

3. Full consideration will be given to any answer you submit before a final decision is made. Whether or not you reply, a written notice of final decision will be given to you. Should this proposed removal be carried out, it will take place within 30 calendar days after the expiration of the 30-day notice period.

4. During the advance notice period, you will remain in a pay status.

5. If you wish to read the regulations pertinent to the proposed action or obtain information about your procedural rights in this matter, you may contact

Building **- - - - - - - - - - **, Room **- - - - - - - -**, telephone number **- - - - - - - **.

**Supervisor's Signature**
**Signature Block**

Employee's Initials and Date of Receipt ______________

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