Removal for Unacceptable Performance

When notice of proposed removal for unacceptable performace is given to an employee, the proposing supervisor must comply with the following procedural requirements for employees who have completed an initial probationary trial period:
  • The employee must have first been provided an opportunity to improve, in the form of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), and been unsatisfactory at the conclusion of the PIP period.

  • If unsuccessful following the PIP, provide the employee with a 30-day advance written notice of the proposed adverse action. The notice must identify specific instances of unacceptable performance on which the action is based. The objectives/responsibilities involved must be listed. The unacceptable performance must have occurred during the one-year period that ends on the date of the proposed notice.

  • In response to the proposal notice, the employee is entitled to be represented by an attorney or other

  • The employee must be given a reasonable amount of time to answer orally and/or in writing.

  • The employee is entitled to have access to all materials relied upon for the proposed notice.

Content last reviewed: 6/20/2006-FMJ

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