Performance Objectives/Responsibilities

Performance objectives/responsibilities describe the actual work elements to be performed during the current appraisal period. They describe a major job component upon which an employee is rated for success. Job objectives/responsibilities are descriptive and relate to what needs to be done. They should be written as clearly and objectively as possible and should be of such impact that failure to accomplish one or more of them could result in the employee's removal from the position. All job objectives/responsibilities in Total Army Performance Evaluations System (TAPES) are critical.

The objectives/responsibilities are documented on the TAPES Counseling Checklist form (DA Form 7223-1) for Base System employees and the support form (DA Form 7222-1) for Senior System employees.

In the Base System , the DA standardized responsibilities categories are listed on the reverse side of DA Form 7223-1. They consist of Technical Competence, Adaptability/Initiative, Working Relationships/Communications and Responsibility/Dependability. For Base System positions with supervisory duties, two other responsibilities apply, i.e., Supervision/Leadership and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action. So for nonsupervisory Base System employees you rate the four responsibilities indicated above and for supervisory Base System employees you rate all six responsibilities listed. The performance standard is written at the "success" level and follow each of the responsibilities on the form.

For the Senior System, there are no standardized objectives except for certain select positions:

a) All supervisors and managers must be rated on Supervision and/or Leadership and Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action planned efforts. Those requirements must be reflected in the objectives.

b) Plans to increase competition and achieve cost savings in contracting and of contracting officers to make awards to small business concerns (10 USC 2301)

c) Individual efforts to eliminate wasteful practices and achieve cost savings in inventory management (Section 323 of Public Law 101-510)

d) Discharge of security, internal control, safety, and other relevant responsibilities of the position.

The objectives are documented on the front side of DA Form 7222-1 (Part IVb). The performance standards to be applied to each objective are contained in Part V on the reverse side of the form.

If you need additional assistance, contact your Civilian Personnel Advisory Center.

Content last reviewed: 6/20/2006-FMJ