Advanced Sick Leave

Supervisors may grant advanced sick leave to employees who do not have enough sick leave for an absence covered by the sick leave provisions in 5 CFR 630.401. Supervisors may advance sick leave to employees for a serious disability, for the care of a family member due to an ailment, or for child adoption purposes. Organizations may advance no more than 30 days (240 hours) of sick leave to employees. (5 USC 6307(d)). Part-time employees or employees on an uncommon tour of duty may be advanced sick leave on a prorated basis according to the number of hours regularly scheduled in an employee’s workweek. Supervisors should consider the employee’s need and situation for requesting advanced sick leave, whether or not the advanced sick leave request falls under sick leave provisions in 5 CFR 630.401, and whether or not the employee will be in a duty status long enough to repay the advanced sick leave.

Supervisors should contact their servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for additional guidance on advanced sick leave procedures.

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