Job Related Activities Other Than Normal Duties

There are numerous instances when an employee, by direction or approval of management, performs job-related activities other than his/her normal duties. During such periods, an employee is in official duty status. Consequently, the granting of administrative leave is not necessary. For example, attending management sponsored programs like fitness day or health screenings; taking a periodic medical examination required by the employee's current position or a fitness for duty examination; attending certain conferences or meetings; participating in official programs and events promoting equal opportunity awareness; fighting local fires under a reciprocal fire protection agreement; meeting with personnel office staff members on certain issues such as retirement counseling; attending promotion ceremonies of fellow workers; performing DoD's school bus monitor duty in overseas locations; initial referral to the employee assistance program; satisfying requirements resulting from PCS such as being present for packing and unpacking of household goods or obtaining necessary passport and vaccinations; rest period for travel; and for reasonable amounts of official time for filing and presentation of discrimination complaints and employee grievances/appeals.

Content last reviewed: 6/19/2006-FMJ