Leave Administration

Leave entitlements are an important part of the total compensation package for federal employees. Employees earn annual leave and sick leave based upon the type of their appointment and number of hours they work each week. This leave entitles them to take time off with pay for illness, vacation or personal matters with pay.

When employees wish to take time away from work, whether with or without pay, they must notify their supervisor who will approve or deny the request for leave. Supervisors consider both the welfare of the employee and the Department of the Army's need for the employee's services when making their decisions about granting requested leave. Generally, activities use OPM Form 71, Request for Leave or Approved Absence, to document leave requests and approvals. That form is available electronically from the Office of Personnel Management's web site. Click on Subject Index, find Forms, then select Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Forms and then select OPM 71. In addition, OPM has listed all applicable laws and regulations relating to leave adminstation at Index of Law, Regulations and Other References Relating to Leave Administration.

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