Grievance File Documentation Checklist

Objective: To provide a clear audit trail on all actions taken and leading up to a final decision on each grievance. This checklist applies to both negotiated and administrative grievances, though certain documents may be applicable to only one or the other procedures. The Employee Relations Specialist should keep copies that are signed and dated. Most documents will be retained in the DoD Case Management and Tracking System (CMTS).

  • Written grievance.
  • Designation of representative, if any.
  • Written designation of the fact finder, if any
  • Report of findings and recommendations of the fact finder or investigation, if any.
  • Witness statements.
  • Memos on discussions with grievant/supervisor/rep/witnesses.
  • The grievant and/or representative¬ís written comments regarding the grievance.
  • A written offer of or request for ADR, or other written agreement to use ADR to resolve the grievance (if applicable).
  • Any written settlement agreement.
  • 1st level decision memo.
  • MFR on 2nd level grievance.
  • 2nd level decision memo with supporting documents, if any.
  • Union letter invoking arbitration.
  • Request for list of arbitrators (Association of American Arbitrators or Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service).
  • Memos regarding meetings with union to select arbitrator/schedule arbitration, etc.
  • Brief.
  • Arbitration notes.
  • Post-hearing brief.
  • Arbitrator's decision and bill.
  • Record of implementation of arbitrator's decision.
  • Other supporting documentation such as:
    1. SF50s
    2. Applicable regulations
    3. Official documents (e.g., performance plans,performance ratings)
  • Documentation regarding requests for and approval of extensions/waivers of any steps in the process.

Grievance files should be retained for a period of 4 years.

Content last reviewed: 11/15/2016-DAH