Employees' Rights

Employees have the right to form, join or assist a union or to refrain from doing so. Employees shall be free to exercise this right without fear of penalty or reprisal and shall be protected in exercising this right. Interfering with this right can result in a grievance or unfair labor practice.

Employees have the right to:

  • Act as a union representative, and in that capacity, to present union views to agency management, the Congress or other authorities.
  • Negotiate over conditions of employment through their chosen representative.

While typically an employee has limited control over whether he or she is in a bargaining unit, it is the employee's decision whether to be a union member, and if a union member, how active they will become in the administration of the union. Additionally, management does not have a say in which bargaining unit employee serves as a union official as union officials are elected by the union members.

Content last reviewed: 11/15/2016-DAH