Delegation of Position Classification Authority

The Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) policy for Delegation of Position Classification Authority (DCA) published November 17, 1997, permits delegation of classification authority through the management chain to managers and supervisors Army-wide. Major Command (MACOM) commanders and Field Operating Agency (FOA) directors may relegate classification authority to their managers and supervisors who may, in turn, relegate authority through their subordinate supervisory chain without the requirement for concurrent budget authority. This includes authority to determine and certify the title, pay plan, series and grade of civilian positions in accordance with controlling position classification standards, regulations and statutory requirements.

The purpose of delegation of classification authority is to enhance the personnel management authority of supervisors by providing maximum control over the positions in their organizations.

Commanders/directors must delegate classification authority in writing. Delegation letters must identify each supervisor by title and specify the classification statutory and regulatory responsibilities. Supervisors must be trained and oriented in all position classification legal and regulatory responsibilities prior to delegation of authority.

NOTE: Separate DCA training, as established by the Intelligence Personnel Management Office, is required prior to delegating authority to supervisiors and managers who will be responsible for classifying DCIPS positions.

NOTE: Delegated Classification Authority is a tool for managers to exercise in order to expedite the classification process. It is not the intent of the DCA policy to make managers "classifiers". A manager with DCA may request assistance from the CPOC classification specialist at any time.

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