Formal Classification Appeals

An employee may formally appeal the classification of the position to which
assigned at any time. The classification refers to the title, pay plan, series, and/or grade assigned to the position. An employee cannot appeal the following:

  • Assigned duties and responsibilities
  • Details
  • Standards or guides used to classify the position
  • Proposed decisions or actions
  • Previous appeal decisions
  • Classification of another employee's job

A formal classification appeal may result in a formal audit/review of the position by a human resources specialist to ensure the position description/core document is adequate and that the classification is accurate.

General Schedule (GS) Classification Appeal Options:

  • Employee may appeal directly to Department of Defense. If dissatisfied with DoD appellate decision, employee may file a subsequent appeal to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

  • Employee may appeal through DoD to OPM. If DoD decision is favorable then the classification appeal is closed. If the decision is unfavorable then the appeal, with the DoD appellate decision, is forwarded to OPM.

  • Employee may appeal directly to OPM, bypassing DoD channels.

Federal Wage System (FWS) Classification Appeal Options:

    FWS employees are required to have a DoD appellate decision prior to submitting an appeal to OPM. If dissatisfied with the final appellate decision, the employee may file a subsequent appeal to OPM.

In either case the management team assists in preparing the case file to defend the classification decision. Also, management would be required to support DoD and OPM final decisions on classification appeals.

Content last reviewed: 6/1/2006-LAR