Informal Classification Appeals

An employee may initiate a request to managment for an informal review of the classification of their position. The classification refers to the title, pay plan, series, and/or grade assigned to the position.

An employee should not be requesting a review to resolve why certain duties and responsibilities have been assigned. The manager should initially ensure that a clear understanding exists regarding the duties and responsibilities assigned to the employee and that the position description /core document adequately reflects such information. A new description should be initiated, if necessary, and processed through the CPOC.

The request for an informal review may result in a human resources specialist conducting an on-site audit of the position to ensure the position description/core document is adequate and the classification is accurate.

Management should be familiar enough with the classification standards and the basis of the classification decisions applied to positions under their control to be able to provide the initial explanation to employees. If more detailed and technical information is required to respond to an employee, the CPAC should be consulted.

When all informal efforts have been exhausted and the employee still disagrees with the classification, management should advise the employee concerning formal classification appeal procedures. The CPAC provides assistance in initiating such actions.

Content last reviewed: 5/31/2006-LAR

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