Supervisory or Managerial Designations

The primary responsibility for Army programs rests with managers and
supervisors who are held accountable to ensure the Army mission is
accomplished effectively and efficiently.

A large part of program management responsibility is the management of
personnel who make it all happen. Management officials constantly make
decisions which directly or indirectly impact civilian and/or military
personnel. Because of this criticality, individuals must serve a
probationary period, normally one year, before initial assignment as either a supervisor
or manager becomes final. During probation, the new supervisor or manager is
evaluated for qualities and characteristics essential for effective
performance, and if unsuccessful, is removed from the position.

Note: Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System (DCIPS) managers/supervisors are not required to serve a probationary period. See appropriate PERMISS articles under DCIPS.

Position descriptions describe program and/or personnel management duties and
responsibilities of management positions. The following codes designate the
managerial or supervisory status of a position.

2 - Supervisor or Manager
4 - Supervisor (CSRA)
5 - Management Official(CSRA)
6 - Leader (FWS and one grade interval GS occupations)
7 - Team Leader( two grade interval GS occupations)
8 - Nonsupervisory
9 - Program Management (Air Force only)

A human resources specialist reviews position description requirements
against Office of Personnel Management (OPM) guides and standards to
determine which managerial or supervisory status applies.

The CIPMS Primary Grading Standard, Part 3 and Army Occupational Guides are the primary source documents used for DCIPS positions.

Content last reviewed: 6/1/2006-LAR

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