Injuries At Work : OWCP Charge-back Lists

1. All ICPAs should review their OWCP charge-back list and carefully note all cases where there is large dollar amount for compensation paid but zero dollars for medical expenses. These cases should be red-flagged to review and follow up with the compensation recipient.

2. Below are a few things to consider if cases have been identified where compensation is being paid and there are no expenditures for medical costs:

a. Has the recipient recovered and no longer requires medical care ? If so, work with OWCP to discontinue compensation.

b. Has the recipient passed away? If so, notify OWCP to discontinue payments.

3. It is imperative that we follow up on long-term cases. A once-a-year phone call to see how they are doing is the least that we, as representative of Department of Army, should do for them. Where there is a death case, we would not expect to see any medical costs from the survivor. However, a phone call to the survivor is an excellent thing to express interest and caring and also to verify the survivor is still alive. Bottom line: don't count on OWCP to do this for you. Make it an annual routine to contact the recipient at his/her home. Locating the home phone may present some challenges since often long-term recipients have moved since the original CA-1 was filed. A few suggestion for locating updated phone numbers:

a. Use the internet such as Yahoo People search
b. Also try
c. Ask your legal office to search in WestLaw or LexisNexis for you

4. Once you have made contact with the recipient, put a note in the case file, indicating date of contact and any additional information obtained. If important information is found, write a memo to OWCP (with claim number at top of memo) and mail to London KY.

5. Follow these procedures and you will surely see positive results with your long-term caseload. If you have any questions concerning the information provided, please contact Ms. Daisy Crowley at 703-325-0761 or DSN 221-0761.

Content last reviewed: 6/1/2006-DPC

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