FECA Working Group

The FECA Working Group is the Army's program to administer the Federal Employee's Compensation Act (FECA).

STEERING COMMITTEE: The CRCP Steering Committee is a chartered intra-Army Committee that serves as the functional proponent for all aspects of the Army wide program for reducing civilian injury and illness compensation costs. Core membership includes the following:
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Budget, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civilian Personnel Policy; Director of Army Safety; Assistant Surgeon General for Personnel; Assistant Chief of Staff for Installation Managment.

WORKING GROUP: The CRCP Working Group elevates issues to the Steering Committee. Representatives from the safety, civilian personnel, occupational health, resource management, and installation managmement monitor the goals of the CRCP. The goals and proponent are:

  • New lost-time compensable injuries (Safety)
  • Days of continuation of pay (Occupational Health)
  • Compensation costs (Resource Management)
  • Cases on the long-term rolls (Civilian Personnel)

The Installation Working Group consists of safety, civilian personnel, occupational health, resource management, legal, CIDC and others. It is chaired by the installation commander. The primary role is to review compensation cases, costs and accidents and to devise steps aimed at reducing the number of claims, costs and lost work time. Emphasis is placed on efforts to return injured employees to productive employment, to controvert questionable injury and occupational illness claims and to implement accident prevention initiatives.

Every installation must have a FECA Working Group, even if the annual program cost is less than one million dollars.

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