Basic FECA Requirements and Benefits

Basic FECA Requirements: To qualify for benefits, the employee or the employee's supervisor must establish, by medical evidence, that the traumatic injury, occupational disease or illness, or employee's death was causally related to his/her employment or that a pre-existing injury or illness was accelerated or aggravated as a result of employment.

FECA Benefits: The program applies to any disability (temporary or permanent, partial or total) incurred as a result of a job-related disease or illness as well as an on-the-job injury. Employees are eligible for six (6) basic types of benefits:

  • Medical benefits (including transportation expenses)
  • Continuation of Pay (COP)
  • Wage loss compensation
  • Scheduled awards
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Survivor benefits if employee dies as a result of employment

Content last reviewed: 9/21/2016-AEL