PCS - Travel to the New Duty Station

When employees are required to relocate and the move is in the interest of the government, they will be reimbursed for travel to the new duty station. Travel may be accomplished by common carrier or privately owned vehicles (POV).

Reimbursement for POV travel is for the mileage between old and new duty locations as determined by the Defense Table of Official Distances.

While on travel, employees and family members receive per diem. The entitlement is to cover the cost of food and lodging expenses and is based on the expectation that employees drive at least 350 miles each day.

Mileage and per diem rates can be found in the Joint Travel Regulation.


  • The old duty location is shown as 840 miles from the new location. The employee is entitled to 2.4 days (840 miles/350 miles = 2.4 days).
    When employees take less time than the maximum allowed, they will be reimbursed for the actual time taken. If they take longer than the authorized time, the excess time is charged to leave. If employees choose to take leave in conjunction with the trip, it should be requested from the gaining supervisor. If the leave is approved, reimbursement is limited to the time associated with POV travel and expenses covered by the official distances and travel times noted.

Content last reviewed: 11/14/2016-GLB