PCS - Moving Household Goods

When employees make permanent change of station (PCS)moves, the government will pay to move up to 18,000 pounds of household goods. The Transportation Management Office (TMO) is responsible for arranging for the movement of household goods and will be the organization that provides counseling on the specifics of the move. They will arrange for movement of the goods under a government bill of lading (GBL). If the employee decides to move by an alternative method, reimbursement is limited to actual expenses not to exceed the cost of a GBL move from the old duty location to the new duty location. This includes shipping from or to more than one location.

Employees are authorized up to 90 days of temporary storage of household goods in conjunction with the move. If circumstances dictate, the employee can request in writing an additional period not to exceed 90 days subject to approval by the commanding officer of the activity involved.

Employees whose PCS move is to an overseas destination have additional entitlements and constraints that are applicable to household goods shipments. The servicing CPAC will be able to provide additional guidance should it be ncecessary.

Content last reviewed: 6/23/2006-ERW