Recruitment and Relocation Incentives

For positions difficult to fill, a recruitment incentive of up to 25% of basic pay (includes a special or locality rate) may be offered to a newly-appointed employee, or a relocation incentive of up to 25% of basic pay may be offered to a current employee who must relocate to accept a position in a different geographic area. Normally, a recruitment or relocation incentive is approved on a case-by-case basis. Organizations can, however, target groups of positions.

The authorizing official must make a written determination that the position is likely to be difficult to fill in the absense of the incentive. The determination must document the factors used as a basis for the determination and for determining the amount of the incentive.

Employees who accept a recruitment or relocation incentive must sign a written service agreement. The minimum period of service is 6 months, the maximum is 4 years. Recruitment and relocation incentives are paid in a lump-sum at the beginning of the service period. Failure to complete the service agreement may require the employee to repay the incentive on a pro rata basis.

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