OPM updates language announcing office closings

Nov 19, 2012

OPM will be changing the language they use when they refer to the operating status of the government.

New terminology will be: "Federal offices are closed. Federal employees required to work should follow their agency's policies."

The intent is the same -- that non-emergency employees are not expected to show up to their offices and will be given the day off at no charge to their leave balance; however, emergency employees and teleworkers are still required to work.

DoDI 1035.01, Telework Policy, dated April 4, 2012, states in the event of an incident that closes the government to the public, employees approved for telework shall continue to telework (vice: admin leave) for the duration of the event to the extent possible.

DD Form 2946, DoD Telework Agreement, December 2011, Block 12 further articulates this requirement.

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