Dress and Appearance

Employees are expected to comply with reasonable dress and grooming standards based on comfort, productivity, health, safety, and type of position occupied. When clothing such as coats and ties create discomfort during hot weather and in places where cooling is minimized to conserve energy, the requirements should be modified or eliminated.

Any management requirement for specific civilian dress and appearance must be based on a clear showing that the prohibited dress contributes to an unsafe, unhealthy, nonproductive, or disruptive work environment. Management disagreements with styles, modes of dress, and grooming now in fashion is not an adequate criterion for making such a determination.

Employees who wear standard uniforms (guards, firefighters, etc.) may be expected to comply with grooming and appearance standards that are more stringent than those required of other employees. These standards must be in line with job requirements and with like standards for employees in similar occupations employed by other Federal, state, or municipal governments.

In establishing or making modifications to the official dress code, you must fulfill your labor relations obligations. Contact your Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC) for guidance.

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