April 22, 2004

MEMORANDUM FOR Sandra Chun, Component Placement Coordinator,
 Department of the Army, Office of the Deputy Chief of
 Staff, G-l, Attn: DAPE-CP-PPE, Policy and Program
 Development Division, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria
 VA 22332-0300

SUBJECT: Request to Modify Special Priority Placement Program (PPP) Clearance Procedures

This approves your request for modification of the special PPP procedures for clearing Project and Product Manager critical acquisition positions (CAP) filled through the Department of Army Secretariat Acquisition Career Selection Board process. You are no longer required to clear the PPP retroactively to the date of the job announcement. One-time clearing requisitions should be submitted upon receipt of each Request for Personnel Action to fill a position with a civilian candidate. Except for the reconstruction requirement, all other procedures previously approved remain in effect.

Please contact me at (703) 696-1799, if additional information is needed.

Jeffrey A. Krouse
Deputy Chief, CARE Division

CARE Operations Branch Attn: Mr. Steven Wooley