SUBJECT: Preventing Violence in the Federal Workplace

DATE: June 18, 1998

Preventing workplace violence is a high priority in corporate industry as well as in the public sector. It is the responsibility of the Department's leadership, managers, and supervisors, both military and civilian, to ensure that our workforce enjoys a safe and secure environment in which to do it's job, free from harmful incidents or threatening behavior. Effective prevention programs will help promote a safe workplace.

To assist Federal agencies in developing programs and to enhance existing programs, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) led an Interagency Working Group, which crafted a handbook titled "Dealing with Workplace Violence; A Guide for Agency Planners." The handbook is a comprehensive approach to preventing and dealing with workplace violence. It represents the collective expertise and experience of Federal law enforcement officers, security specialists, criminal investigators, attorneys, employee relation's specialists, Employee Assistance Program counselors, forensic psychologists and union officials. The working group's firsthand experience has shown that the most effective approach in dealing with disruptive incidents or to diffuse potential violence is to be prepared.

This handbook is an excellent information source, guiding an agency through the basic steps of developing policies, programs and prevention strategies. Additionally, it presents actual case studies to assist in analyzing agency needs, planning programs, and training personnel to respond to violent situations,

The handbook may be obtained via the OPM website at, OPM's Rider System, or through normal ordering procedures from the Government Printing Office.

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Sandra G. Curran
Chief, NAF Personnel Policy
and Program Division