April 1, 1998

SUBJECT: Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Personnel Modern System Deployment

There has been a redesign of civilian personnel services as a result of the National Performance Review and Defense-wide streamlining efforts to reduce overhead and improve services. The NAF Civilian Personnel Units (CPU) remain at the installation within the Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers (CPAC). The modernization will result in the need to replace and upgrade the civilian personnel automation system to enhance the quality of service to commanders, managers and employees. NAF integration with Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) will ensure continued automation capability to include future on-line links with payroll and employee benefits. The Pacific Region will perform operational testing of the modern system in the fall of this year with Army-wide deployment scheduled for fiscal year 1999. The NAF module will be deployed in conjunction with the Pacific Region transition to the modern system.

In order to be prepared for deployment to the modern system each NAF CPU should be electronically connected to the CPAC. It will be the responsibility of the CPAC to ensure NAF connectivity to the modern system. In addition to connectivity, the system requires a particular hardware configuration and capability.

Listed below is the recommended configuration for the modern system:

32 MB RAM (64 MB preferred)
200 MB Free Hard drive Space
17" Monitor
Laser Printer (Hewlett Packard HP 4)

It would be ideal to have every NAF personnelist in a servicing unit office utilizing the same hardware configuration; however, it is only necessary for those individuals responsible for input of personnel actions. It is the responsibility of the local NAF CPU to procure the necessary equipment. We ask each NAF CPU appoint a person, knowledgeable in ACPERS and NAF personnel administration, as a point of contact (POC) for NAF DCPDS training at the installation. The POC will be invited to attend a train the trainer session approximately eight weeks prior to deployment. They in turn will train the NAF CPU staff at the installation. Temporary duty costs for training is the responsibility of the NAF CPU. This information is provided to you during your Fiscal Year 99 budgeting process to help you plan for your future data processing and training needs.

Point of contact for further information regarding NAF DCPDS is

Mr. William J. McCune at DSN: 221-7764, COMM: (703) 325-7764 or FAX: 221-2881.

//original signed//
Carol Ashby Smith
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)