CYS: Child and Youth Services Coordinator. Child Development Center Director, Family Child Care Director/Coordinator, Supplemental Program and Services Director, School Age Services Director, Youth Services Director, Training and Curriculum Specialist, Training and Programming Specialist, Program Specialist/Analyst.

Recreation Management: Community Recreation Director/Officer, Outdoor Recreation Chief/Specialist, Community Recreation Specialist, Sports Specialist, Arts and Crafts Specialist, Automotive Crafts Manager/Specialist, Entertainment Director/Theatre Specialist/Music Specialist, Leisure Travel Manager, Special Events Coordinator.

Lodging/Hospitality Management: Armed Forces Recreation Center General Manager, Hotel General Manager, Housing Management Specialist, Executive Chef, Food and Beverage Manager/Specialist.

Business Programs: Community Operations Chief/Manager, Golf Manager, Golf Course Superintendent, Bowling Manager, Club Manager, Business Manager, Business Consultant.

Financial Management: Accountant, Auditor, Banking Specialist, Investment Specialist, Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Financial Manager/Program Analyst (Financial), Resource Manager/Financial Specialist.

Information Management: Senior Staff Analyst, Systems Analyst, Network Engineer, Information Systems Program Manager, Information Services Officer, Systems Administrator, E-mail Administrator, Information Assurance Officer, Computer Specialist, Programmer.

Installation Activities and Support Services: Director for Community and Family Activities (DMWR), Support Services Manager, Marketing Specialist, Contract Specialist, Procurement Specialists, Instructors, Supply Specialist, Maintenance Manager, Recycling Manager, Human Resources Officer/Specialist.

Program Planning, Management and Evaluation: Program Analyst, Management Analyst/Program Analyst, Administrative Officer, Support Services Officer, Program Evaluation Analyst.

Army Community Service: Army Community Service Director, Exceptional Family Member Program Manager, Financial Assistance/Planning Program Manager, Information, Referral and Follow-up Program Manager, Installation Volunteer Coordinator, Army Family Action Plan Program Manager, Army Family Team Building Program Manager, Outreach Program Manager, Relocation Assistance Readiness Manager, Social Worker/Social Services Representative, Employment Readiness Program Manager, Family Advocacy Program Manager, Mobilization/Deployment Program Manager.