July 12, 2005



SUBJECT: Nonappropriated Fund (NAF) Vacancy Announcement Builder (VAB)

1. Effective September 1, 2005, all NAF vacancy announcements will be posted on-line in the Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL) web site. Implementing this new advertising recruitment tool provides access to Army-wide NAF vacancies for all current employees and the public to view. NAF centralized recruitment data provides Army NAF employers visibility alongside their appropriated fund counterparts, and should better accommodate managers and perspective new hires who have come to expect this type of professional recruitment process from commercial sites.

2. The VAB will ensure consistency across all NAF Human Resources Offices (HROs) and will provide a centralized source for Army NAF job information to applicants. All vacancy announcements will be prepared using the Army's Vacancy Announcement Builder and will then be posted on the Army's vacancy announcement web page no later than September 30, 2005. NAF vacancy announcements will be posted on the VAB regardless of any other method used for posting announcements. This new requirement will serve as a supplemental process, not as a substitute for locally developed procedures/methods of publicity. It is the local Commander's responsibility to inform union officials about this supplemental vacancy announcement process.

3. The VAB is user friendly and is currently being successfully utilized by several NAF HRO's across Army. NAF HROs shall request a user password according to the following schedule:

August 1 thru 5, 2005 Pacific and Korea (Regions) and
Community and Family Support Center (CFSC)
August 15 thru 19, 2005 South Central and Southwest Regions
August 29 thru September 1 Northeast and North Central Regions

4. Each NAF HRO must submit a password request to their servicing Civilian Personnel Operations Center (CPOC) using a System Access Nomination and Authorization Request (SANAR) form (Enclosure 1). When submitting the form ensure that the word NAF is included in block number 3 of the form along with the employee's name. Forward the completed form to the servicing CPOC for processing. Once the application is processed and access to the VAB is established the employee will receive electronic notification, via e-mail, and he/she may start entering vacancy announcements in the VAB using the attached instructions.

5. Even though the application is user-friendly, detailed instructions (Enclosure 2) and screen prints of the entire application (Enclosure 3) are attached to facilitate its use. It is recommended that each HRO establish a generic e-mail account for the purpose of receiving resumes and queries.

6. The point of contact is Ms. Margaret Strobel, NAF Human Resources Policy and Program Division, (703) 325-7763, DSN 221-7763 or e-mail: margaret.z.strobel@ (email address expired).

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Acting Chief, Policy and Program
Development Division
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Attachment 2 (detailed instructions)
Attachment 3 (Due to large file size, this document will be provided on CD to local NAF Offices by Aug 15, 2005)