APPENDIX 9 (Finance) to ANNEX E (Personnel)
to The Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System (AMOPES) (U)


  1. (U) Purpose. To provide information regarding aspects of finance operations requiring particular attention in the event of execution of contingency operations or an OPLAN involving either the voluntary or involuntary ordering to active duty of members of the Reserve components, or of deployment of forces in support of such operations.

  2. (U) General. The Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Financial Management) is responsible for the concept of operations. The DA DCSPER determines the military pay entitlement policy for Reserve Component and recalled retired soldiers, and for soldiers and civilians deployed to the theater of operations in support of contingency operations or OPLAN execution.

  3. (U) Policy. This appendix applies to all members of the total Army.

    1. (U) Indicated below are those references which govern finance operations.
      1. (U) AR 37-1, Army Accounting and Fund Command.
      2. (U) AR 37 104-3, Military Pay and Allowance Procedures.
      3. (U) AR 37-104-10, Military Pay and Allowances Procedures for Reserve Components of the Army.
      4. (U) AR 37-105, Finance and Accounting for Installations: Civilian Pay Procedures.
      5. (U) AR 190-8, Enemy Prisoner of War Administration, Employment and Compensation.
      6. (U) AR 190-57, Civilian Internees Administration, Employment and Compensation.
      7. (U) AR 690-11, Civilian Personnel Mobilization Planning and Management.
      8. (U) AR 690-500, Position Classification, Pay, and Allowances.
      9. (U) AR 690-990-2, Hours of Duty, Pay, Leave, Annotated.
      10. (U) Joint Federal Travel Regulation, Volume I, Uniform Service Members.
      11. (U) Joint Federal Travel Regulation, Volume II, DOD Civilian Personnel.

    2. (2) (U) Sure Pay:

      1. (U) Commanders should ensure that Reserve Component members are enrolled in Sure Pay so that, upon being ordered to active duty, soldiers' pay will be transferred from RC-JUMPS to AC JUMPS.

      2. (U) Upon being ordered to active duty in support of any contingency operation or OPLAN, Reserve Component soldiers will be enrolled in Sure Pay if not already enrolled, with either pay to financial institution option or pay to home option.

      3. (U) FORSCOM, in conjunction with DA (DCSPER - Entitlements Office, OCAR, NCR), will ensure that each RC soldier ordered to active duty is provided an entitlements handbook. This handbook may be commercially procured or developed in-house. It must contain the most up-to-date information available, and be in a simple to understand format.

    3. (3) (U) Changes to existing policies required to support contingency operations or OPLAN execution will be announced by message from ASA (EM) and/or DA DCSPER (DAFE MB).

  1. (U) Concept of Operations.

    1. (U) Allowances and entitlement planning: As outlined in Annex O, AMPOES.

    2. (U) Military pay procedures: As outlined in Annex O, AMOPES.

    3. (U) Civilian pay policy and procedures: As outlined in Annex O, AMOPES.

    4. (U) Civilian Internees (CI) and enemy prisoners of war (EPW): As outlined in Annex O, AMOPES.

  2. (U) Assignment of Tasks. As outlined in Annex O to AMOPES.

  3. (U) Coordinating Instructions. No specific coordinating requirements are included in this appendix. Annex O includes additional information on finance operations.


4. (U) ADMINISTRATION AND LOGISTICS. Required support for finance operations is as detailed in supporting Army Regulations.

5. (U) COMMAND AND CONTROL. Command and control relationships are not effected by this appendix.

6. (U) REPORTS. None.