Sept 6 1995

SUBJECT: Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity Policy for Civilian Employees

The Department of the Army is committed to equal employment opportunity for its appropriated and nonappropriated fund employees and applicants for employment. Every employee should have an opportunity to rise to his or her highest level of potential. We want to create and nurture an environment where all employees, regardless of their gender, race, national origin, religion, color, disability or age, can contribute fully to accomplishment of the Army mission.

Minorities and women are well represented in Army entry and mid-level positions in many occupational categories. Our major challenge now is to improve representation in senior level positions for minorities and women and at all grade levels for individuals with disabilities.

We expect managers and supervisors to use developmental assignments and upward mobility programs to provide advancement opportunities, particularly for entry and mid-level employees. Employees also have an obligation to prepare themselves to assume positions of greater responsibility. Removal of architectural barriers and provision of reasonable accommodations for individuals with severe disabilities are essential.

Prohibited discriminatory practices are unacceptable in today's Army. If there is an allegation of discrimination, the responsible management official will attempt to resolve the allegation expeditiously and with personal involve-ment in the outcome. Where there are findings of discrimination or reprisal, we expect commanders to take appropriate action to discipline offenders. Beyond compliance with the law, we need to recognize the value of a diverse work force. Leaders must continue to provide a climate that will allow Army employees to grow to their full potential as valued members of the Army team. We know that you will work with us to support an increasingly effective equal employment opportunity program that works to enhance the accomplishment of the Army mission.

//original signed//
Dennis J. Reimer
General, United States Army
Chief of Staff
//original signed//
Togo D. West, Jr.
Secretary of the Army