SUBJECT: Department of Defense (DOD) Performance Management Subchapter

This memorandum forwards Subchapter 430 "Performance Management," of the Civilian Personnel Manual (CPM). Appendix A of the subchapter is the Department of Defense (DOD) Performance Appraisal System. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has approved the System (see Appendix A of the subchapter).

Your current OPM-approved performance management plans continue in effect as appraisal programs under the DOD Performance Appraisal System. However, you are now authorized to create or revise appraisal programs under the System (see subsections D.1. and E.1. of Appendix A of the subchapter).

You may allow activities within your Components to develop alternative performance appraisal programs to your current OPM-approved performance management plans. You may also develop performance management programs which allow your activities to develop alternative programs or which give them broad discretion to fashion their own programs. All programs must comply with the DOD Performance Appraisal System, OPM regulations and governing law.

As you implement the DOD Performance Appraisal System, you should endure you satisfy any obligations to unions representing employees affected by such implementation.

This memorandum remains in effect until Subchapter 430 is printed and distributed as part of Civilian Personnel Manual (CPM). Questions concerning this system may be referred to Steve Chester at 703-696-11243 or (DSN) 226-1243.

//original signed//
Diane M. Disney
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense
(Civilian Personnel Policy)

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