SAMR  05 DEC 2011

SUBJECT: Leadership Endorsement and Training on Executive Order (E.O.) 13522-
 Creating Labor-Management Forums

  1. References
    1. Executive Order (E.O.) 13522,Dec 14, 2009
      Creating Labor-Management Forums to Improve Delivery of Government Services.
    2. Memorandum, SAMR-ZA, dated 1 June 2010,
      subject: Executive Order 13522 - Labor-Management Forums.
    3. Memorandum, SAMR-ZA, dated 17 September 2010,
      subject: Executive Order 13522 - Establishing Labor-Management Forums and Pre-decisional Involvement.
  2. On 14 December 2009, President Obama signed E.O. 13522, in which he directed, among other things, the establishment of labor-management forums at the level of recognition (typically at the installation level) and the pre-decisional engagement of local unions on workplace matters. While commands have made progress in the establishment of local labor-management forums, recent surveys conducted by the Department of Defense indicate that many managers are not aware of the requirements of the Executive Order and that a number of activities are in need of assistance in establishing their local forums. In furtherance of meeting the requirements of E.O. 13522, I have asked my staff to closely monitor the quarterly reports submitted by your servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Centers regarding the status of your activities' efforts in creating local labor-management councils and engaging the unions in predecisional discussions.
  3. As an additional effort that will assist the Army in meeting these mandates, Army Commands should strongly encourage or require all supervisors and management officials who supervise civilian employees to take the Federal Labor Relations Authority's web-based training on the Executive Order. This 90-minute training session, FLRA Office of General Counsel Training: Executive Order 13522, is available, free of charge, at the Office of Personnel Management Human Resources University at
  4. Additionally, Commanders, when conducting site visits of activities with civilian employees, should inquire as to the status of local efforts in establishing labor management councils under the Executive Order. Training and a more concerted focus on these efforts should be instrumental in furthering the Army's ability to achieve the objectives of the Executive Order as well as improve our labor-management relationships.
  5. The establishment of local labor-management forums and engagement of unions pre-decisionally regarding workplace matters are excellent methods to assist with the timely and efficient accomplishment of Army's mission. This is especially true during these difficult economic times where every advantage must be adopted in the fulfillment of our mission. As such, I look to each of you to ensure your activities are in compliance with the requirements of the Executive Order.
  6. My staff stands ready to assist you with respect to this matter.

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Thomas R. Lamont                       
Assistant Secretary of the Army
          (Manpower and reserve Affairs)

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