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If you are having issues applying for a job or you have resume questions,
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Q. Where can I find information to help me get a job?

A. The Army Civilian Service page lists many resources at: http://www.armycivilianservice.com/

Q. I can't find ANSWER or the Army Resume Builder/Resumix system?

A. The Army completed its transition to the DoD Enterprise Recruitment Tool (USA Staffing) effective, 1 May 2012. USA Staffing is the single hiring process and tool used by all DoD components. Effective, 12 July 2012 applicants no longer have access to Resume Builder. Applicants will be able to view the status of self-nominations from the old system via USAJOBS - My Account - Application Status. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) contained in applications retained in Army Resume Builder/Answer system will be securely retained as required by regulation for a period of 5 years. Once retention requirements are met the PII will be destroyed per federal, DoD and Army guidelines.

Q. How do I find out if I have Veteran Preference for employment?

A. An explanation of veterans preference is available at OPM and CPOL
      and also   

Q. My spouse is not a US Citizenship, can he/she work for Army?

A. There are exceptions to the citizenship requirement, but they are so stringent that they are very, very difficult to meet - the non-citizen would have to be the only qualified applicant available, after a search for applicants. Usually, one can always find at least one person qualified who is a citizen.

Q. The system was down and I was unable to gain access to the Vacancy Announcement Board, is the job I wanted to apply for going to have the closing date extended?

A. No, we normally don't extend announcements due to maintenance down time, b/c most announcements are open 2 weeks and down time only last a couple of days. In certain situations, when the down time is unscheduled outside of the normal maintenance, then we may have the CPOC's extend the announcements for a couple of extra days.

Q. How do I gain access to My Biz/My Workplace and DCPDS?

A. Army deployed CAC enable DCPDS My Biz and My Workplace. A Quick Guide to help you with this process is located within the Portal at (Link to QuickGuide in PDF) Once you have completed the "one time" registration you will no longer need a password for DCPDS, My Biz or My Workplace.

Q. I tried to register my CAC and it did not work, what do I need to do?

A. If you are unable to gain access (link) to DCPDS, My Biz or My Workplace. Please go to the CPOL Homepage, then login to the Portal, click on the Employee Tab, and then open the Employee Data Portlet click on Helpdesk located under the link for My Biz & My Workplace. Select the ticket type of Cannot Connect to (My Biz-My Workplace-DCPDS), then select the appropriate sub ticket type example (Received page cannot be displayed).

Q. I can no longer gain access to My Biz or My Workplace from my home computer, why?

A. Response is from the Office of the Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel, Alexandria, Virginia
The Army has implemented two additional security controls for access to My Biz, My Workplace, and the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) to comply with DoD guidance for access to personnel systems.

These two additional security controls are already in effect for users employed by the Air Force, Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), National Guard Bureau (NGB), Washington Headquarters Services (WHS), DoD Education Activity (DoDEA), and Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA). The final three DoD Components to implement both of these new security controls are, in order, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), Navy, and Army.

To best prepare its employees for these new security controls, the Army is complying with DoD guidance using a two phase approach. In Phase One, the Army implemented a security control on 22 May 2008 to grant access to My Biz, My Workplace, and DCPDS only to users whose computers are connected to a military (.mil) or government (.gov) Internet network.

In Phase Two, the Army requires each user to access My Biz, My Workplace, and DCPDS using his or her Common Access Card (CAC).

If the computer you use at your duty location is not connected to a .mil or .gov network, or if it does not have a CAC reader, then please contact your local Information Technology (IT) customer support office for assistance with accessing My Biz, My Workplace, and DCPDS.

Q. How do I get copies of my SF 50's?

A. SF 50's are located in 2 places, please note that electronic history begins in the late 90's. If you want earlier copies of your SF 50's you will need to contact your servicing CPAC, they can send for your OPF. Here is where they are located:

  • Prior to Sept 2007 - On the Portal, Employee Tab, SF 50 Portlet
  • After Sept 2007 -     On the Portal, Employee Tab, Employee Info Portlet, My Biz.

Q. Where can I find Answers to my Questions about Ethics and Political Campaign Issues as they relate to Federal Employees?

A. Info on the Hatch Act including related FAQs is at The Hatch Act

Q. Where can I find information to locate relatives or friends who were in the Army?

A. The Army Center of Military History Inquires has most common resources at:

Q. Where can I reach the Webmaster of this site??

A. The Civilian Personnel Online Webmaster is available through the Contact us link for website-related Technical issues.

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