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Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader   CPOL Help System:   the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Many files on the CPOL website end in .PDF - this means they are available in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format files. Acrobat files can be read on your computer screen, or printed, using the Adobe Acrobat Reader   available free from Adobe. The Adobe Acrobat Home Page contains detailed information on this product, and allows you to download free copies of Acrobat for Windows, Macintosh, or UNIX systems.
When you are on the download page at Adobe, be sure to select Acrobat Reader with Search capability - this will allow you to do searches on the PDF documents available on CPOL.

If you are having problems opening these files please do the following:

As of November 2004, the current Acrobat reader is Version 6.0

Note that with versions of the Reader prior to 3.0, you cannot save a PDF file to your local disk after you have read it. You had to have the commercial Adobe Acrobat software in order to save the file. This limitation was removed with version 3.0 of the Reader software.

If you wish to create your own Acrobat files, you will need to purchase the commercial Adobe Acrobat package.

Current Adobe Solutions for the Disability Community:

Since 1997, Adobe has offered web-based services at   http://www.adobe.com  that enable sight-impaired users to convert Adobe PDF files into formats, including HTML and plain text, that screen readers can understand. Adobe has also developed a plug-in for Acrobat for Windows that provides similar functionality on a user's local system

Note: you may choose to have a .pdf document translated to ascii text and emailed to you. Please visit the Adobe Acrobat Online Tools webpage at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/create-pdf-creator.html for further information on their service.

For more Acrobat information, go to the Adobe Acrobat Website.