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Army Civilian Personnel Office Productivity

Productivity Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
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Document Description Updated Format
TOC Table of Contents 12may2005 Requires MS Word
1.0 Productivity Introduction 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
2.0 Productivity Procedures and Responsibility not available Requires MS Word
2.1 MDCPDS Workarounds to support Productivity Measurement 21jan2003 Requires MS Word
2.2 Productivity Closure Edits 4aug2004 Requires MS Word
3.0 NOA/LAC Definitions for Fill Actions 15oct2010 Requires MS Word
4.0 Inbox Mapping Codes -- Routing Identifier & Inbox Type 30mar2005 Requires MS Word
5.0 Productivity Event Code List 12may2004 Requires MS Excel
5.1 Productivity Event Code Definitions 30apr2004 Requires MS Word
6.0 RPA Fill Action Quality Control Filters 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
6.1 Comparision of QC Filters vs. Productivity Closure Edits 21jan2003 Requires MS Word
7.0 Definitions of Productivity Statistical Terms & Measurements 12may2005 Requires MS Word
8.0 Business Rules for setting the CLASSIFICATION TYPE Flag 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
8.1 Business Rules for Determining RPA Status (O/C/X) and Fill/Non-Fill 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
8.2 Business Rules for Generating Offer, Commit, Decline and Rescind Standard Dates 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
8.3 Business Rules for Generating Adjusted RPA Time-Split Dates 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
8.4 Business Rules for Generating Adjusted RPA Day Counts 30mar2005 Requires MS Word
8.5 Business Rules for Setting the RPA_PHASE Flag & the RPA_PHASE_DAYS 03aug2007 Requires MS Word
8.6 Fill Time Logic Summary 26nov2007 Requires MS Word
8.7 Business Rules for Categorizing "CPOC Employees" 5dec2003 Requires MS Word
9.0 Productivity Database/Universe 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
10.0 (reserved for future use)   
11.0 (reserved for future use)   
12.0 March 2002 Productivity Workshop -- After-Action Report 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
12.1 Productivity Change Package -- Summary of Changes 4mar2003 Requires MS Word
13.0 (reserved for future use)   
14.0 (reserved for future use)   
15.0 Glossary of Acronyms 15jan2003 Requires MS Word
slides Slide for Productivity Training Course for the Army CPOCs & CPACs 15jan2003 Requires MS PowerPoint

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