General Information

Civilian Human Resources
Integrated Definition Model/Task Listings (IDEF)

The Civilian Human Resources (CHR) Operations Integrated Definition Model is the culmination of several years' continuing efforts to delineate, clarify, and articulate Army CHR operational business processes.

The assignment of work and business processes must be in accordance with the IDEF.

The IDEF is comprised of a series of worksheets that depict major life cycle functions of Army CHR operations, the major tasks and subtasks of each function, and the CHR component responsible for each task. The IDEF is intended to be a living document, given the dynamic and varied environments in which Army CHR operations take place, enabling rapid responses to changes in legislation and policy, organizational structures and relationships, and mission exigencies.

Link to Oct 2012 AG-1 CP memo

Note: Version 1.3 is the CURRENT IDEF
- Previous versions are for research only and DO NOT REFLECT CURRENT POLICY

ARCHIVES - Link to Version 1.2, Oct 2004