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SUBJECT: Department of the Army Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) System

  1. The Department of the Army (DA) welcomes you to eOPF!
  2. The Official Personnel Folder (OPF) is a file containing records that covers a civilian Federal employee's entire employment history. The Office of Personnel Management and your human resources (HR) office use these documents to make decisions about employee rights, benefits and entitlements throughout your career. The eOPF is an electronic version of the paper OPF, providing web-enabled access for Federal employees and HR staff to view OPF documents.
  3. The eOPF is stored electronically in a secure central repository. Access to records is highly controlled, just as it was with hardcopy OPFs. There is a comprehensive audit trail for all user activity. HR and personnel systems provide an automated interface with the eOPF. Since the eOPF includes the ability for simultaneous viewing of documents from different sites, it enables the employee and HR specialist to access the records at the same time.
  4. Accessing your eOPF is simple and convenient, and no longer requires an appointment with your HR servicing office. To access your eOPF, you need an eOPF ID and password, which may be retrieved using the eOPF Self Service feature (Encl). Ensure the privacy of your personal information by keeping your User ID and password in a secure location. Should you forget or lose your password, request a new one from the eOPF logon window, and it will be sent to your email account.
  5. You will automatically receive an email notification each time a newly created document is added to your eOPF. With the exception of your separation documents, printed copies of SF-50s (appropriated fund) or 3434s (nonappropriated fund) will not be sent to you. You will be able to print your documents or save as they are added to your file and keep them in a secure location for your reference.
  6. Email Address Changes. Once you log into eOPF, you are highly encouraged to review your profile information and update your e-mail notification options. The initial address should be set to your official DA email address of record. If changes to your e-mail address occur, you are responsible for updating your e-mail address in your eOPF profile information. Also, please note that, although notifications may be sent to a personal e-mail address, logging into the eOPF system will only be authorized from a work computer.
  7. Help Desk. The eOPF system contains a help feature for questions or concerns of a technical nature; e.g. inability to open documents, and/or questions related to your user account. Access the online Help link in the upper right hand corner of each eOPF screen. You may also contact the eOPF Help Desk at 1-888-275-8518 or via email at eOPF_hd@telesishq.com .
  8. If you have questions or concerns related to the content of your eOPF; e.g. missing documents, incorrect documents, etc. contact your servicing Civilian Personnel Advisory Center or Non Appropriated Fund HR Office.
(eOPF Quick Reference -Self
Service for New Users, 1 Jun 12)
eOPF Project Manager
Civilian Human Resources Agency