June 25, 1999

SUBJECT: Documentation of Civilian "Broadband" Positions

Section 342 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal year 1995 (P.L. 103-337) granted the Department of Defense authority to conduct personnel demonstration projects at certain Defense science and technology reinvention laboratories. Within Army, five laboratories have implemented demonstration projects and four more are scheduled to begin in CY 00. In addition, Section 4308 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1996 (P.L. 104-106) permitted the Department of Defense to conduct a personnel demonstration project within the civilian acquisition workforce. In Army there are approximately 1,75B employees in 18 organizations participating in the Acquisition Workforce Personnel Demonstration Project.

The Office of Personnel Management conducts demonstration projects to test alternative personnel initiatives for applicability to the Federal workforce. Broadbanding is an initiative that is central to both the laboratory and acquisition demonstration projects. The broadbanding system replaces the General Schedule (GS) structure and incorporates. occupational series with similar characteristics into broad occupational career paths. The purpose of broadbanding is to facilitate pay progression and allow for more competitive recruitment of quality candidates at different rates of pay. Advancement within the bands is contingent on performance or contribution to the mission.

As the laboratory and acquisition demonstration projects were developed, participating MACOMs indicated that there was a need to document the pay banding in TAADS. As a result of these requests, meetings were held with representatives of USAFMSA to determine the feasibility of coding the positions in TAADS. USAFMSA conducted a test on coding the positions in TAADS. The test showed that TAADS can accommodate the coding of broadbanding, as evidenced by email at enclosure 1. Based on the results of this test, request that coding of broadbands be extended to TAADS documents for all organizations participating in the Office of Personnel Management Demonstration Project. A list of the pay plans and broadband levels is provided at enclosure 2.

Broadband and pay plan coding procedures will be followed for the duration of demonstration projects. Demonstration projects have no established ending date but they will be evaluated after five years to determine if the project should be extended or canceled. Enclosure 3 identifies all participating Army organizations by demonstration project and command.

Questions relating to broadbanding should be addressed to Ms. Kate Barnett Mack (703) 325-9989 and questions relating to manpower policy issues should be addressed to Dr. Cal Fowler, (703) 695-6476.

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Robert Bartholomew III
Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Force Management, Manpower and Resources)