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Purpose: This award recognizes demonstrated excellence in the leadership of civilians and accomplishment of the mission through the civilian work force. It exemplifies both the highest traditions established by Mr. John W. Macy, Jr., during his long and distinguished career of public service and the Army's philosophy that leaders are responsible for civilian human resource management. Mission accomplishment at every level of organized activity requires effective leadership. While the leader's qualities are often the focus of attention, the excellence of the team's mission performance, the growth of team members and the esprit of the team are major indicators of leader effectiveness. This recognition is intended to identify and to recognize role models whose teams set the standard for other leaders of our soldier-civilian team.

The Award: The award consists of a Department of the Army certificate and a memento provided by the Army Civilian Personnel Alumni Association.

Eligibility: Any Department of the Army supervisor, military or civilian (Colonel/GS-15 or below), U. S. citizen or local national, appropriated or non-appropriated fund is eligible for this award.

Basis for Selection: Eligible personnel will be nominated and considered in accordance with the following criteria:

  1. Specific Contribution: A specific contribution in the leadership of Army civilians and accomplishment of the mission through the civilian work force, for which the nominee is personally responsible and that resulted in material improvements in areas such as Army mission support, military-civilian teamwork, customer service, productivity, EEO accomplishments, and enhancement of Army's reputation as an employer. The contribution must have demonstrated, by specific examples, how the nominee's interaction with the civilians on the team "got the job done." The contribution must have culminated during the calendar year ending on 31 December 2004.

  2. Career Accomplishments: A record of progressive career accomplishments that reflect extraordinary leadership over a sustained period.

  3. Leadership Precepts: Description of the individual's leadership role. A helpful reference is DA Pamphlet 600-50 which identifies eight precepts (listed below) which form a conceptual framework for individual action. Leaders at every level and in every organization in the Army are challenged to:

    1. Be a teacher and a mentor to the officers, non-commissioned officers, soldiers and civilians entrusted to you. Sharing your knowledge and experience is the greatest legacy you can leave your subordinates.

    2. Develop technical and tactical proficiency in yourself and your subordinates, and instill in them a spirit to achieve and win.

    3. Care deeply and sincerely for your subordinates and use your leadership to serve them.

    4. Create a climate in which you can teach subordinates how to take responsibility for their actions. Be responsible for the good, the bad, the right, and the wrong. Be accountable.

    5. Set tough, but achievable, standards and demand that they be met. Foster strict individual and organizational discipline. Be "on parade" 24 hours a day.

    6. Listen to subordinates, and then act upon what you hear. Listening is an art, which requires effort--work at hearing what is being said around you and to you. Take notes on things said and things observed so you can take follow-up actions.

    7. "Grow" yourself, your leaders, your organization and your family. Set standards, achieve them, create and innovate. Inspire and develop excellence in leaders and organizations.

    8. Make history, make a difference. You can either rise to meet the challenges, or stand pat and let them pass you by. Make your service count!

Nomination Format: Submit nominations typed in 12 pitch, Arial font; and one copy of DA Form 1256, Incentive Award Nomination and Approval. The nomination must be personally endorsed by the MACOM/IRA commander and include a narrative description of the specific contribution which is the basis of the nomination. Any attachments to the nomination package should not exceed five pages. Nominations for contributions which did not culminate by 31 December 2004, and which are not personally endorsed by the MACOM/IRA commander will be returned without consideration. MACOM and installation commanders and their staffs should be alert to the accomplishments of their subordinate leaders (military and civilian) who may be potential nominees for this award.
Nominations will consist of the following:

  1. A cover sheet containing:

    1. Name of nominee
    2. Current position title and rank or grade
    3. Employing organization
    4. Years of federal service
    5. Organization address and location (include zip code and e-mail address)
    6. Work telephone number (include area code and DSN prefix)
    7. Education
    8. Awards and recognition
    9. Job progression in Army (descending order by service dates)
    10. MACOM Commander's endorsement
  2. Specific Contributions: Outline the specific contribution(s) that clearly demonstrates excellence in leadership of Army civilians and accomplishment of the mission through the civilian work force. Describe the specific results achieved, i.e., material improvements in areas such as mission support, military-civilian teamwork, customer service, productivity, significant EEO accomplishments and enhancement of Army's reputation as an employer.

  3. Career Accomplishments: Describe the career accomplishments of the nominee, reflecting evidence of a sustained record of effective leadership.

  4. Leadership Role: Describe the individual's leadership role.

  5. Proposed Award Citation.

Selection of Award Winner: A committee of four persons will make the final selection of the winner of the 2004 John W. Macy, Jr. Award. The committee will be comprised of a representative of the Deputy Chief of Staff, G-1 as the chairperson (or designee), the Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel Policy, a Major Army Command functional representative, and a member of the Army Civilian Personnel Alumni Association.

Presentation of the Award: The Secretary of the Army or his designee will present the John W. Macy, Jr. Award.

Deadline for Nominations: Submit nominations in the required format, via email to Annette.Good@(email address expired). Signed and dated MACOM/IRA commander endorsements and DA Form 1256 may be electronically scanned and forwarded with the nomination, or faxed to DSN 221-3894, Comm (703) 325-3894. Nominations must reach the Office of the Assistant G-1 for Civilian Personnel Policy, Policy and Program Development Division, ATTN: DAPE-CP-PPI (Ms. Dolores Miranda), by close of business January 31, 2005.

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