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Submissions will be prepared in Microsoft Word and submitted electronically. Each essay will have a separate cover page. The cover page will indicate the title of the essay; state the author's full name and title, e.g., Dr., Mr., Ms., or rank, if military; provide the complete organizational address including office symbol and zip code; and list the commercial and DSN office telephone numbers as applicable. The typed paper should be double-spaced with each page numbered. Papers are limited to 20 typewritten (size 12 font) pages, exclusive of title, summary, and reference pages. A summary of the contents of the paper should be submitted by the author to assist in the preparation of those papers selected for publication.


The criteria to be used in judging the essay are cited below. The numbers in parenthesis are the weights that will be used when evaluating the papers. The weights of the four criteria add up to a total of 100 points.

  1. Content (35 Points Maximum). The subject of the essay should deal with Department of the Army Civilian Human Resources management or related work force issues. Papers should present the author's ideas in a clear and convincing manner and should cite research conducted on the subject and document such research in footnotes and/or a bibliography.

  2. Quality of Writing (25 Points Maximum). While judging will primarily be based on content, considerable weight will also be given to clarity of expression and proper use of language, grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation.

  3. Scope (20 Points Maximum). The essay should have broad coverage or application, extending Department of the Army, Major Command, or Region-wide in terms of impact on organizations, programs, or the work force.

  4. Relevance and Feasibility (20 Points Maximum). The essay should be relevant to contemporary Army and Federal human resources management. It should be realistic and practical in terms of potential application or implementation. The paper should include what policy and/or procedural changes the author expects the Department of the Army to do with the idea.

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