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Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service

The Civilian Award for Humanitarian Service consists of a medal, lapel button, and citation certificate. Any commander at the major Army command level or higher may approve this award. This award is for individuals who have distinguished themselves by meritorious direct "hands-on" participation in an act or operation of a humanitarian nature directed toward an individual or groups of individuals. Documentation must provide evidence which substantiates on site participation in a humanitarian act or operation. Nomination should cover a period of service during which the individual performed significant humanitarian actions, deeds, or achievements. Achievements deserving Major Army command or Department of the Army-wide recognition should be submitted to the major Army commander or Secretary of the Army for approval. When the Secretary of Defense designates an act or operation to be a "Humanitarian Act or Operation", major Army commands may process this award for employees participating in the act or operation, on the basis of accurate lists of participants without requiring a separate justification for each participant.

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