letterhead for Department Of The Army
 17 Mar 2009


SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority - Secretary of Defense Medal for the Defense of Freedom (DFM)

  1. As authorized by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy) in the enclosed memorandum, I hereby delegate to you the authority to approve the Secretary of Defense Medal for the Defense of Freedom. During wartime, you may further delegate this authority, in writing, to commanders and equivalent civilian leaders who meet the requirements described in this delegation. These commanders and civilian leaders must have administrative control over civilians deployed to theater or civilians returned to the home duty station following injury or death resulting from hostile action. For the purposes of this delegation, administrative control is defined as control over the daily work activities, duty assignments and whereabouts of civilian employees.
  2. DFM approval authority may also be delegated to commanders who approve the Purple Heart for service members, to include hospital commanders at military medical treatment facilities where civilian employees are being treated due to deployment injury when the employees are expected to be able to return to duty in theater following treatment of the injury.
  3. Commanders and equivalent civilian leaders wtih approval authority may further delegate this authority by name, within their command, to commanders at the rank of Brigadier General or higher, or to equivalent civilian leaders. The authority exercised pursuant to this delegation will be exercised in accordence with Department of Defense policy and procedures in approving the DFM.
  4. I have retained the approval authority for the DFM for eligible Army civilians who are wounded or killed outside of the combat theatet as the result of an international terrorist attack.
  5. This delegation does not include approval authority for the DFM for Department of Defense contractors. That authority was retained by the Secretary of Defense.
  6. Any further delegation of this authority must oontain specific reference to the authorities retained at your level, at the Secretary of the Army level, and at the Department of Defense level.
  7. With this authority comes the requirement te establish appropriate review and reporting requirements to ensure consistent administration and issuance of these awards. Reviews of all delegations of this au1hority must be done on at least an annual basis.
  8. This delegation expires three years from the date of this memorandum unless eariier revoked or superseded.

  9. //original signed //   
    Pete Geren            


    Genenal Counsel (w/encl)