March 25, 2002

Memorandum From Bob Hayden
SUBJECT: Army Organization Hierarchy Submission Format and Procedures

Attached is the new format for submitting UIC changes/updates to the Modern DCPDS Organization Hierarchy. It replaces guidance/format on CPOL. UIC should always be an authorized UIC. It should be noted that this hierarchy pertains to the UIC and does not edit against the Agency, Command, Organization, or Position Organization Address (POA). The Agency and Command code should always be an approved/authorized combination and be on Modern.

Modern DCPDS rules are that a single child UIC can be on the hierarchy only once regardless of the various locations or CPOC's that use it. This means the geographic location or the command may not be the correct one for a particular CPOC. The Army intern UIC (W4CMAA) is a perfect example.

UIC hierarchies are normally updated to the CPOC boxes the second sunday after submission. The process is to submit the requested hierarchy(s) no later than the friday of the week it was requested. We can submit it on the day received but it usually doesn't get updated until the second sunday. Early submissions are encouraged and we will try to get it updated that first sunday if circumstances permit.

Currently the policy is not to delete any child UIC because of the possibility of it's use at another CPOC and the fact that there is no problem with leaving it on the total hierarchy.

New UIC submissions should be submitted by the CPOC's as they are responsible for it's use and they know when the new UIC is going to be effected for personnel/organization/payroll use. MACOM personnel offices usually do not know this information. Also, now that we are fully deployed on Modern DCPDS only maintenace of the hierarchy is needed.

Additions/Changes must be identified as shown on the attached format.

The new point of contact for updates/changes to the UIC hierarchy is Bob Hayden (primary) at 703-325-5993 or DSN 221 and Delino Mayes (alternate) at 703-235-2782 They are both on the e-mail pick list. Send your request to: Bob.Hayden@(email address expired) and CC: Delino.Mayes@(email address expired).

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