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The Army Civilian Acculturation Program is primarily designed for all newly hired civilians and can be used for transferring, or returning employees that come to your organization. Since this is a newly established program we encourage you to frequently visit the Army Acculturation website for new and updated information.  On this site you will find a variety of resources to assist you in your sponsor roles and responsibilities and the new employee with a successful onboarding experience.  Your participation is critical to the success of the Army Acculturation Program.

The Army Acculturation Program is the process of transforming our new and transferring employees into effective, fully contributing members of the Army workforce. The process begins with the firm acceptance and extends through their one year anniversary.

This website provides guidance and information about your role in the onboarding process.  It also includes tips and tools that you can use to ensure our new employees successful transition into the workforce and create for them the excitement and belief that “This is going to be a wonderful place to work!”

Sponsor’s Role in Onboarding

• Remember your first days on the job? Those initial experiences go a long way in determining how quickly you became an effective, fully contributing member of the Army workforce.
• It is your turn to help ensure that our new employee’s first days provide a successful start to their career.
• You are responsible for helping them get settled into the organization, their workplace and the local area.
• Your basic role is to be available to answer questions and help them find their way around at work.
• Your duties begin from the time of firm acceptance until such a time the employee feels your assistance is no longer needed or until the organization releases you from your responsibilities.  This usually lasts about 30 days following the employee start date.

Sponsor’s Duties

• When you are first assigned as a sponsor, visit the Army Acculturation website.  Familiarize yourself with what’s available to the employee, sponsor and supervisor.
• Send welcome letter/email and ensure the employee has your contact information, answer any questions and offer your assistance.
• Set up location to meet after they in-process or prior to their first day.  This is up to your discretion if the employee needs assistance or wants to meet prior to their first day.
• Be available their first day to welcome them and help them find their way.  Assist the supervisor in introducing them to their co-workers and other key personnel.
• Be available their first day to participate in the swearing in of the Oath of Office (optional).
• During the first weeks, check with new employee often to see how they are doing and answer any questions.
• Follow the items on your checklist.

Sponsor's Checklist - This is a step-by-step checklist to assist you in supporting newly hired Civilians.  This checklist will save you the effort of trying to recall what needs to be done when a new employee is transitioning to their new assignment.

Army Civilian Acculturation Handbook - This Handbook serves as a resource guide and summary of the various services, policies, programs, and general information every Army employee needs to know.

Army Civilian Acculturation Brochure - Provides an overview of the Army Acculturation program.

Welcome Letter and Email Samples - Templates to new employees that can be used right away or modified to meet your need.

Sponsor Guide - To assist you in your role as a Sponsor, we have created this guide to explain the Army acculturation program and your responsibilities.  We highly recommend you review this guide prior to starting your Sponsor relationship.