Position Classification

Special Retirement Coverage (SRC) Memo Search

Positions classified into certain occupational series require approval for special retirement coverage (SRC) purposes under title 5 U.S. Code § 8336(c), § 8412(d), or § 8412(e). This tool will assist users in determining if a Position Description (PD) has been approved or denied for SRC. New PDs will be added to this tool as new memos are received.

Note: Approved PDs can predate the Fully Automated System for Classification (FASCLASS), therefore PDs identified in this tool may or may not be available in FASCLASS.

Special Retirement Coverage (SRC) Approved PDs

To verify position approval for SRC, fill in the PD number below and then click the Search button.
Do not include the 2 digit CPAC code with the PD number.

PD Number: