OAS Letterhead
August 7, 1998

SUBJECT: Delegated Classification Authority

The Delegation of Position Classification Authority (DCA) policy issued on November 17,1997 permits delegation of civilian position classification authority through the chain of command to managers and supervisors Army-wide and deletes the requirement for concurrent budget authority. Most major commands already have delegation procedures in place.

You should ensure that managers and supervisors with delegated classification authority know that when they exercise classification authority they not only approve the contents of a position description, but also they commit the organization to long term costs. These are serious commitments and fiscal prudence must be exercised because of the potential for increased long-term salary costs.

As commanders, you should exercise programmatic control to carefully monitor and manage the use of delegated classification authority. This will ensure that costs associated with the exercise of DCA do not escalate unnecessarily.
//original signed//
Carol Ashby Smith
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)
//original signed//
Neil R Ginnetti
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary
Financial Management and Comptroller