Civilian Plans & Strategic Analysis

Civilian Personnel Evaluations

This section of CPOL focuses on the Army's Civilian Personnel Evaluation mission. CPEA is the principal agent in overseeing evaluations and special reviews of Army's Civilian Human Resources (CHR) programs. With the implementation of the National Security Personnel System (NSPS), CPEA is transforming the way reviews will be accomplished in the future. The CPEA operations manual will be totally revised in FY 06 in response to NSPS and other major changes in the CHR program. Future evaluations will leverage technology to the maximum extent possible to limit travel and time on-site. CPEA reviews will be organization specific and conducted on individual activities/commands. This new approach to evaluation is intended to increase the value of CPEA to the customer and the CHR community.

As we continue to develop our new approach to evaluation we will post documents that will be of interest to those organizations we are evaluating. Currently our document library includes: the CPEA Directive for Corrective Action and AR 10-89 outlining our mission. In the future, we will post the CPEA operations manual, our evaluation schedule, evaluation interview guides and other sources of information to assist in the evaluation process.

Stay tuned to this page for future updates as we progress with implementing our new evaluation procedures.

Available Documents & Information