OAS Letterhead
July 21, 1998

SUBJECT: Central Recruitment of Army Civilian Training, Education and Development System (ACTEDS) Interns

Reference DASA (CPP) memorandum, dated June 8, 1998, same subject.

Your timely response and overwhelming support of centralizing the recruitment of ACTEDS interns are very much appreciated. Through this coordinated effort, we will not only streamline the recruitment process but also enhance the timeliness of filling intern positions; thus, maximize the use of ACTEDS dollars to regenerate the intern pipeline.

As proposed, the North Central Civilian Personnel Operations Center (NC CPOC) will be the service provider for all ACTEDS intern recruitment. However, the success of the intern recruitment mission is dependent upon your personal commitment to providing recruitment support and actively participating in the process. Ms. Janice Carbone, Chief of Staffing Services at the NC CPOC will lead this effort and a member of the ACTEDS Intern Recruitment Cell will make personal contact with each of you to seek your recommendations for developing a solid recruitment strategy that would include, e.g. a master college campus recruitment schedule, an advertisement plan, defining selection and/or commitment authority, and dovetailing well established processes into the new mission.

My staff is currently analyzing the many constructive comments provided by you. As the final business process evolves, we will define roles and responsibilities and publish formal guidance and milestones for the central recruitment process in the very near future. In the interim, we need to plan our recruitment strategy for FY00. Many of your comments focused on the initially proposed recruitment time line and suggested that the recruitment process begin much earlier; therefore, I ask that projected FY00 intern requirements be reported to OASA (M&RA), SFCP-COA (ACTEDS Management Branch), 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22332 by September 30, 1998. Your timeliness and sound projections are imperative to the success of the program.

Again, I thank you for your personal commitment to the intern program.

Please send your comments and/or recommendations, by June 30, 1998, to ASA (M&RA), Attn: SFCP-COA, 200 Stovall Street, Alexandria, Va 22332 or via Email: CoutcherE@(email address expired). Your commitment to a timely response is appreciated.

//original signed//
Carol Ashby Smith
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)


Functional Chief Representatives/Personnel Proponents
SAFM-ZCB (Mr. Neil R. Ginnetti)
DALO-SMZ-B (Ms. Donna Shands)
DACS-SF (Mr. Jim Gibson)
DALO-AMZ (Mr. Wimpy D. Pybus)
SARD-ZP (Mr. Edward Elgart)
AMSAM-RD-QA-QM (Mr. James H. Redmon)
AMCDCG-T (Mr. Michael F. Fisette)
CEMP-ZB (Mr. William M. Brown, Sr.)
AMCPE-S (COL Bruce R. Conover)
AMSIO-DC (Mr. Larry V. Gulledge)
SAPA-SC (Mr. John Donovan)
DALO-TSZ-C (Mr. William P. Neal)
SAMR-FMMR (Mr. Robert Bartholomew)
DAIM-FDH (Mr. Dean Stefanides)
DAMR-SFEOA (Mr. Luther Santiful)
TAPC-PDE (Ms. L. Dian Stoskopf)
ATTG-ZC (Mr. Robert E. Seger)
AMCAM (Mr. Jim Hill)
SAIS-IM (Ms. Miriam Browning)
DAMI-ZC (Mr. Mark Ewing)
PERSCOM (Ms. Deborah Jacobs)

CPOCMA (Mr. Elmer F. (Smiley) Williams)