OAS Letterhead
January 19, 2000

SUBJECT: Career Program 13 (Supply Management) for Logistics 0301 Personnel

Reference my memorandum to the Functional Chief Representative (FCR) for Career Program (CP) 13, same subject (enclosed).

Effectively immediately, please consider as part of CP-13 those GS-0301 positions at grades GS-11-15 currently coded in HQ ACPERS as Career Field 13. We are adding GS-0301 to the list of CP-13 occupational series in AR 690-950, Career Management.

At grades GS-13-15, CP-13 positions are subject to central referral in Easy ACCES. There is some preparatory work my staff has to accomplish with the FCR before this can be effected. I will advise you of the Easy ACCES implementation date for GS-0301 positions.

All GS-0301 positions at grades GS-11-15 currently coded as Career Field 13 should be reviewed for career program coding during the normal course of classification review. Civilian Personnel Operations Centers need not conduct any special review of these positions. Reminder: AR 690-950, 1-4c requires the FCR to be notified if these positions are proposed to be removed from the career program. (See DASA(CPP) memorandum, dated November 17, 1998, subject: Determining Career Program Positions.)

//original signed//
David L. Snyder
Deputy Assistant Secretary
(Civilian Personnel Policy)