Secretary of the Army Letterhead

13 OCT 2010

SUBJECT: Delegation of Authority - Credit for Prior Non-Federal Work Experience and Certain Military Service for Determining Annual Leave Accrual Rate

  1. References:
    1. Title 5, United States Code, Section 6303.
    2. Title 5, Code 01 Federal Regulations, Section 630.205.
    3. Department 0f Defense Instruction 1400.25, Volume 631, dated August 31, 2009, subject: DoD Civilian Personnel Management System: Credit for Prior Non-Federal Work Experience and Certain Military Service for Determining Leave Accrual Rate.
  2. I hereby delegate to the Assistant Secretary 0f the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs) the authority to authorize service credit for prior non-Federal work experience and honorable, active duty military service not otherwise creditable for purposes of determining annual leave accrual rates for eligible individuals. This authority will be exercised consistent with governing law, Office of Personnel Management regulations and Department 0f Defense policy and procedures.
  3. Unless expressly prohibited or restricted by law, directive, regulation, or policy, or as set forth herein, you may re-delegate this authority to other Department of the Army officials. Should you elect to do so, you will remain cognizant of and accountable for all actions taken in the exercise of this authority by those who have been delegated this authority at any level. Should you elect to re-delegate this authority, you may further restrict or condition your delegate's exercise of same. A re -delegation of authority shall not be effective unless it is in writing, signed by you, and has been determined not to be legally objectionable upon review by the Office of the Army General Counsel. No re-delegation shall take effect until a record copy of same has been provided to the Office of the Administrative Assistant for archiving. I will hold you responsible for any and all actions taken pursuant to this delegation or any re-delegation thereof.
  4. In view of the Army's current operating environment and competing requirements for limited resources, I ask that this authority be exercised judiciously due to the enduring costs to the Department and impact on agency efficiency. There is no entitlement to credit for non-Federal employment or, active duty military service. Leave service computation credit should be considered only when such credit would serve as an incentive to acquire high quality talent for positions that are important to mission accomplishment or achievement of performance goals. In this regard, I direct that you require and personally review recurring reports to evaluate the use of this authority and the justifi:ation provided by any delegates, to ensure this authority is being exercised appropriately. Should conditions warrant, you will suspend the use of and/or rescind further delegation of the authority, as appropriate.
  5. Although not a limitation on your authority to act in my behalf, in those cases specified above where your proposed decision represents a change in precedent or policy; is of significant White House, Congressional, Department, or public interest; or has been, or should be, of interest or concern to me, for any reason, you will brief me prior to the decision unless the exigencies of the situation preclude such action. Continue my practice of coordination with the Office of the Army General Counsel.
  6. This delegation is effective immediately and expires September 30, 2013, unless earlier revoked or superseded.

//original signed//
John M. McHugh      

General Counsel